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Our partners

  • Educhateur

    Using their experience and expertise in feline behavior, the Educhateur team conducts problem solving interactions issues between cats and their owners, thereby reducing the number of cats abandoned or euthanized because of behavioral problems.

    Educhateur played an important role in setting up Café Chat l’Heureux. They ensured that the cats adopted were well predisposed to living in the cat café, and were well integrated to the space. They also helped to set up educational and awareness tools within the Café, with the help of our staff. Educhateur will also offer informative and educational workshops at the Café regularly, so check out the Calendar for more details!

  • Intersand

    Since 1992, Intersand has dedicated itself to producing the best cat litter on the market at its Boucherville facility, on the South Shore of Montreal. Intersand is currently a prime exporter of high-end cat litter to specialty pet stores in more than 28 countries worldwide. A company who is proud of their made-in-Canada products.

    Café Chat l’Heureux uses Odorlock litter from Intersand to fight odor and to ensure impeccable cat hygiene.