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Where do your cats come from?
The cats come from several shelters from the Greater Montreal area

How your cats are chosen?
Cats’ adoption is made through a long process set by Educhateur, feline behaviorist. Café Chat L’Heureux has had the privilege to work with many shelters of Montreal. What is essential in adoption, is to properly identify the cat's needs so he can be happy in his environment. At the Café Chat L’Heureux, our criteria is sociability with humans and other cats.

Are your cats declawed?
Café Chat L’Heureux is opposed to declawing, however several adopted cats were already declawed at the time they were chosen. We want to remind you that declawing is the amputation of the third phalange of a cat, which is a practice that needs to be stopped. For more information, please contact Educhateur

How do you make sure your cats are happy?
We thought about a specific layout in the café to offer several quiet zones for our cats. There are areas in high up, not accessible to customers, and they have a special room in the back for them. The Rules that we put in place are there to make sure the customers and cats experience are optimal. We encourage everyone to ask questions, everything is done for a reason at the café.

Can we feed cats?
We are closely monitoring our cats’ health, and this begins with a proper nutrition. It is therefore crucial not to feed our cats with human food.

Can we take pictures?
Pictures are allowed, but without flash, for our cats' wellbeing!